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Practical Applications of Generative AI

Freeman Clarke Summer Conference

Microsoft AI & Automation

Thanks for visiting the Freeman Clarke Summer Conference page. Here you'll find Mark Rotheram's Power Point presentation as well as some more information on how we can help you ignite your AI and Automation journeys.

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Ignite Innovation

Take your business to the next level with BCN's AI Kickstarters.

BCN’s AI Kickstarters are short, packaged projects, designed to ignite your business’s AI journey. Each Kickstarter is designed to be easy to implement, but is tailored to your needs, delivering transformative improvements in your existing business processes.

  • Copilot Studio Chat Kickstarter

    A 5-day program designed to introduce your business users to Generative AI via Microsoft Copilot Studio.

  • Copilot Power App Kickstarter

    An 8-day program designed to introduce your business users to the capabilities of Generative AI by building a Custom Copilot within a Power App.

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  • AI Builder Kickstarter

    An 8-day program designed to introduce your business users to the capabilities of AI Builder Services within the context of an automated Power Automate Workflow.

Transforming Business Processes

BCN’s AI Use Cases 


Explore unique applications of AI technology and how we have helped our customers transform internal processes and business operations.

Accelerating response times

How much time could you save on tender responses?

This client is inundated with PQQs – many of which require similar responses – and asked BCN to help lighten the load for its over-stretched bid team.

A simple, intuitive app was developed, which uses generative AI to search the business’s previous PQQs and company data, and surface relevant information to complete new tenders. Instead of starting each one afresh, the bid team now edits a response produced by the AI, ensures its relevance, and submits.

From a project lasting just three weeks, the client has gone from overwhelm, to over-delivery – achieving massive time-savings during the PQQ preparation phase, to responding to tenders faster than its competition.


For wholesale businesses, the scale of paperwork can be enormous.

This client wanted to use AI to reduce the manual task of inputting high volumes of purchase orders.

BCN developed an AI tool to check order documentation as it arrives from buyers; ensure the information is correct, and transfer it into the wholesaler’s downstream system for processing.

The AI works on a confidence score. It uses document intelligence to understand each PDF order as it arrives, then converts it into machine-readable data.

The baseline confidence score is set at 90% – any documents scoring above this are determined to be clearly understood. Any scoring below requires human intervention to check the order and validate the AI’s understanding.

Positive reinforcement leads to better results. Each time an order is checked and the AI is trained to understand the content better, the confidence score goes up – and the need for the team to get involved reduces.

Streamlining customer service

Sometimes the internal customer can be the most demanding – such was the case for this business’s internal IT team. 

They turned to BCN to reduce the burden of IT support queries, by using AI to provide a response. 

Data in the business relating to IT support queries has been centralised and overlaid with a Large Language Model (LLM) which indexes the data and can respond to queries with relevant answers and documentation. 

Support tickets from users are logged with the IT team, who input a natural language prompt into the AI. The AI provides an answer to the question and a solution, as well as relevant supporting documents that already exist within the business. The IT team then passes the information over to the user to resolve their issue. 

The result? Faster response times, faster resolution, and more time freed up in the IT team to focus on the strategic projects that really matter.