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AI-Powered Productivity: Unleashing the Potential of Microsoft Copilot and Generative AI

LinkedIn Live Event 18th July 11AM - 12PM BST

Join our CTO and product experts live on Thursday July 18th, 11AM - 12PM to explore how the latest Microsoft AI tools can transform your productivity.

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Event Overview:

Join us for an exciting live event where our experts delve into how AI tools can transform productivity. Whether you’re an advanced AI specialist or new to the technology, this event is designed to highlight how you can boost the productivity of your business today. 

The panel will kick off with introductions and an overview of current business challenges and the transformative potential of AI. Using a “glassboard,” we’ll visualise the AI adoption journey, illustrating the shift from reactive to strategic AI implementations. 

The event features live demonstrations of Microsoft Copilot and Generative AI technologies: 

  • Bing Chat Demo: Combining the power of ChatGPT’s GPT-4 with Bing search capabilities.  
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot Demo: See how AI enhances collaboration and productivity across M365 apps with seamless document creation and intelligent suggestions. 
  • Copilot Studio: Discover a platform where creativity and coding converge, demonstrated through user interface design and algorithm generation within a Power App. 
  • Microsoft AI Studio: Explore advanced use cases and deploying AI solutions for real-world problem-solving. 

We’ll wrap up with key takeaways, highlighting AI’s impact on productivity, followed by a Q&A session where our experts will address any queries related to Copilot and Generative AI. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and get inspired by the power of AI! 

Boost Your Productivity with AI.

Learn how to leverage Microsoft Copilot and Generative AI to enhance your work processes.

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