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IT Solutions for Charity and Non-Profit Organisations:

Managed IT Support, Software Solutions, and Cyber-Security for Charities and Non-profit organisations

Get secure, stable, and smooth-flowing IT with BCN  

Technology has made a significant impact on the charity sector. Digital advancement has made fundraising more accessible, improved delivery of services, and boosted marketing communications. But it’s also opened the door to cyber-crime.

IT support for non-profits will make cyber security a priority as well as enable high levels of service for staff, volunteers, donors, and those you help. IT Services for charities provide support for non-profit digital work in an adaptable, reliable, and straightforward way.



IT Services for Charities and Non-Profits:  

Is your charity under pressure to deliver high-quality service levels? Do you need a personalised communication system to speak with donors, volunteers, staff, and vulnerable people?

If so, BCN can help you with specialist, managed IT services for charities and non-profits.

Whether that’s our managed cloud solutions, CRM and accounting software, or industry-leading cyber security services, we’ve got the knowledge to keep your charity moving forward.




Sage Software for Charities and Non-Profits

Take greater control of your invoicing, payroll, finance processes, and reporting.


With Sage Accounting Software for non-profits and charities, you free up valuable time by automatically reconciling transactions and donations. Work from home or at events with Sages intuitive mobile app.


Spend more time scaling your organisation with BCN’s Sage software for charities.

Cyber Security

Charities and non-profits are no strangers to cyber-attacks.


So, protect your finances, data, and customers’ information with our cyber security solutions.


BCN’s fully-managed cyber and network security monitoring keeps your organisation safe from prying eyes. You’ll also get endpoint security audits and end-user training as preparation for worst-case scenarios.

Managed IT Support 

Leave the tech to us with our Managed IT solutions.


We know how important it is for charities to create and sustain relationships. That’s why BCN’s Managed IT Support takes away the stress of dealing with technical problems, leaving you to focus on your business goals.

Managed Cloud

As the digital revolution grows, businesses depend more on their IT services.


Especially given outages and cyber-attacks can cause severe consequences if IT services are not adequately protected.


That’s why BCN’s managed cloud services exist, to ensure that your business technology is available anytime, anywhere. Take peace of mind that we’ll always recover your data, even when the worst happens.

CRM for Charities 

Simplify and streamline your businesses data by storing your organisation’s data in one place.


Whether it’s information surrounding supporters, volunteers, donations, or events, BCN’s Sage CRM for Charities enables you to manage relationships better.

Engage with new and existing customers by using accurate data to automate communications.

Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 is a complete integrated cloud platform solution, helping businesses by bringing in industry-leading applications, security, and device management.

BCN can revolutionise your charity organisation with the suite of BCN’s Microsoft 365 products and services.

IT Challenges for the Charity Industry:

Whether it’s protecting your business from cyber-attacks, meeting data regulations, or digitally transforming your organisation for the future, BCN’s industry IT support for charities meets many of the challenges you face.

Here is a breakdown of three major IT challenges that face the charity and not for profit industry, and some insight on how BCN Group can resolve them.



It might come as a surprise to learn that cyber-criminals regularly target charities and non-profit organisations due to the customer information, donor information, and financial data they collect. However, despite the risks, a worrying number of charities lack proper cyber security measures or simply assume they’re safe from attacks.  That’s why we offer a suite of cyber-security measures. So, whether you choose our Cyber Essentials (CE) scheme or more robust Network Security and Disaster Recovery services, we’ll ensure your organisation has the best defenses in place. 


GDPR Regulations

We understand that remaining GDPR compliant is a challenge. Particularly as charities and non-profits hold significant amounts of personal, employee, and partnership data, in addition to donor, beneficiary, and volunteer information. However, failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in huge fines for your organisation. Non-compliance could also negatively impact customer trust, resulting in future funding challenges. That’s why we recommend speaking to our compliance experts, who can keep your business risk-free from regulatory fines and other financial costs.


Outdated Technology 

Has your lack of digital strategy resulted in poor tech implementation, higher long-term costs, and disconnected IT infrastructures? Then, leave the tech side of your business to us. With BCN’s managed services, we can digitally transform your organisation, proactively roll out innovative solutions, and improve protection and communication. We’ll also be on-hand to support when needed.

Why Choose BCN for IT Support for Non-Profits?

BCN is here to identify where you could improve your digital processes and transform technological capabilities. We’re always here to resolve issues and provide practical, long-term IT solutions, tailored to your charity. There’s no better time than now to modernise your organisation’s IT services. Here’s how BCN’s IT services for charities could get you where you need to be:


We’ve got more than 200 industry-accredited experts in digital transformation and technological innovation under one roof. Therefore, you can expect to partner with a highly experienced managed IT service provider that understands your organisation’s digital challenges.

Range of Services

We aim to be an extension of your organisation, offering support across a range of IT and software services. What’s more, having worked with many charities and non-profit organisations, BCN can provide bespoke solutions tailored to your sector. Whatever solution your business needs, BCN Group has the expertise, knowledge, and range of services for a successful implementation.

Consultative Approach

As a trusted advisor, we will proactively share advice and industry insight when your organisation needs it. We’re also transparent, accountable, and dependable—just ask our partners. BCN’s client retention rate is 98%, demonstrating reliability and fast response times.

Find out how BCN Group can support your charity and non-profit organisation.