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Education IT Solutions

Managed IT Services catered to diverse educational institutions, supporting connectivity, IT consultancy, cyber security, and more.

IT Support for Education

The education sector is becoming increasingly digitised. Technology is categorically changing the learning process, whether that means teaching interactive lessons or better connecting staff and students.

But with many education institutions taking a tech-first approach to teaching, it begs the question of whether they are protecting their IT infrastructure from harm. Are you? The average learning environment has a network of interconnected computers, tablets, and mobile devices—all of which could be potential access points for cybercriminals. Therefore, you need to protect your network with an IT consultant with vast experience in the education sector. Like BCN.

IT Services for Education

Hardware Procurement 

As Microsoft Gold, Dell, and HP Gold Partners, BCN Group can provide schools, trusts, colleges, and universities with the latest hardware and technology.

Whether that’s laptops, desktops, servers, or firewalls, BCN’s ongoing partnerships with industry-leading computer manufacturers ensure you always have the latest hardware and technology.

Managed IT Support 

There are a lot of technology services and solutions out there, so knowing where to start is often challenging.

Leave the tech to us, with our Managed IT Support for Education.

We will manage all aspects of your IT, leaving you to focus on your organisation’s goals.

IT Consultancy 

BCN’s IT experts will design a digital transformation strategy that best aligns with your institution.

Whether that means developing existing IT, planning an expansion into new areas, or completing an infrastructure redesign, BCN is here to ensure your digital transformation is smooth.

Cyber Security

No sector is safe from cybercrime, not least the education sector.

Protect your data from cyber-attacks with BCN’s suite of cyber security solutions.

From fully managed cyber and network security monitoring to disaster recovery, we will ensure your IT infrastructure is secure. That also means getting you back to normal, even in the worst-case scenarios.


Improve your connectivity, communications, and collaboration with our smart cloud connectivity services.

As a RingCentral partner, BCN Group can give your organisation state-of-the-art cloud communication, supporting voice and video meetings. You’ll also get team messaging and a central contact centre through a single platform and app.

Find out how we can help transform your institution’s IT infrastructure.

5 core challenges for the education sector


Keeping Students Safe

It’s critical that you carefully manage the four C’s: content, contact, conduct, and commerce. In doing so, you’ll safeguard students from harmful online material. Speak to BCN’s education IT support consultants, and we’ll identify any potential risk areas. We can also educate your staff and students on using technology, identifying risks, and mitigating issues.


Supporting your Student and Staff Success

A reliable IT infrastructure affords you more time to do what you do best: inspire the next generation. As such, BCN Group ensures you avoid outages and IT issues by providing proactive support, managing your entire ecosystem.


GDPR Compliance

You’re responsible for the data you collect. So, naturally, the larger your institution is, the more rigorous your data governance policy. Our experts will start by ensuring your organisation’s data storage, security, and management systems are well established. What’s more, with our help, you’ll stay compliant with any relevant regulatory standards, thereby reducing the chance of penalties.


Data Security

Cyberattacks aren’t just on the rise; they’re also growing in sophistication. Therefore, it’s critical to protect all your financial and personal information (including student, staff, and donor information). Speak to BCN, and we’ll ensure your data never falls victim to avoidable attacks and breaches with Cyber Essentials training.Whatever the scenario, we’ll give you the tools necessary to bounce back.


Digital Transformation

We know how demanding it is to run an educational institution, so it’s understandable that your IT infrastructure isn’t front of mind. However, slow technology and outdated communications could be inhibiting your productivity. If that’s the case, partner with BCN and rest assured that we’ll coordinate, fully integrate, and update your IT infrastruce.

Our Education Sector Clients

What clients have said about our IT services for education:

“BCN has helped us identify the problems we’ve got – they are an extension to the team rather than an outsourced resource.”

Finance Director, Pendle Education Trust

Why choose BCN Group’s IT support for education?

BCN Group has provided schools, colleges, and universities with IT support for more than ten years. Therefore, our vast experience means that we understand your unique challenges.

That might mean keeping students safe, supporting your staff, remaining data compliant, or digitally transforming your business. In any case, these challenges require a responsive and reliable partner.

BCN are here to identify opportunities for improvements in your organisation. We will help you transform your institution’s technological capabilities and act as a long-term service provider. Our professionals are here to resolve issues, provide effective long-term IT solutions for education, and give proactive advice. 

Need IT services for education? Choose BCN.