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The data centres that power cloud hosting services are increasingly reliable, secure and cost-effective.

The user gets continual availability from wherever they have a connection, plus tighter cost control – only paying for what is used.

Contrary to what you may have heard, cloud services can actually be flexible, secure and cost-effective. Cloud services also offer a great way of making your organisation more efficient and responsive. When it comes to cloud services, Manchester-based BCN offers all the commercial and operational benefits of the cloud, with an absolute focus on the most critical component; easy access to an expert when you need some help.

User Cloud (Hosted) Services

Business Cloud (Hosted) Services

Service Excellence

With a very low investment entry point, the cloud provides a highly flexible OpEx model for those looking to benefit from the advantages and power of cloud hosting services.

Automated, yet Human

Benefit from the advantages of the business and application automation, and still have the reassurance that there are real people you can contact behind it all. BCN provides all the benefits of automated cloud services, but with easy access to a real person contact at our head office in Manchester.

Data Sovereignty

With all of our data centres located in the UK, you have the assurance of knowing where your data resides at all times, helping keep it secure and accessible.

Cost reduction

Unlike traditional on-premise data centres, the total cost of deploying applications in the BCN cloud is significantly lower due to its design and scale as a secure multi-tenanted facility. Our cloud hosting services are scalable in relation to your needs.

Anywhere access

Perhaps the most important benefit of BCN’s cloud is allowing our customers to easily access critical services and applications at any time, wherever they are. This, in turn, means that information access, decision-making, and application response times can all be improved, fuelling greater productivity and opportunity.

Greater reliability

Our cloud services offer you access to multiple data centres, with multiple connection routes at each, and replication of data between these centres. This means we can deliver levels of data protection far beyond simple backups. With continuous data protection, multiple generators (for outages), and high-end servers, we provide a more reliable service at costs far lower than individual businesses can achieve themselves.

“I have worked with 3 or 4 different partners, and the BCN guys are more proactive”

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The green card

Space and energy requirements for computing in the cloud is far less than that of an on-site deployment. By sharing the same physical assets securely, we offer more efficient use of the shared resources, leading to greener utilisation.

Up to date software and systems

As a leading hosted cloud services provider, we continually update and upgrade our facilities, services, and applications, so that you have the peace of mind knowing that nothing will ever be out-of-date or end-of-life.

Less setup, less management

We maintain the cloud assets and services, so you no longer need in-house experts to invest time and effort in setting up, commissioning and maintaining cloud services. Our technical experts do all of the ongoing support for you. Where you do run or maintain your own applications, we offer ‘remote hands’ and skills to assist you with your cloud hosting when required.

Greater scalability

Scaling new cloud services and assets up and down is quick and easy. At BCN we can provision or decommission resources to internal users, external partners, suppliers, and customers to suit you. You can flex what you need at any given time so that you always have the right level of resources on-tap to meet your demands.