Cloud transformation for RSK Group


RSK is a fully integrated, environmental, health, safety and engineering consultancy employing more than 4,000 staff worldwide. A highly acquisitive, fast growth business, RSK required an IT partner to provide advice and support on their infrastructure transformation.

RSK approached BCN Group shortly after they had commissioned an on premise 2013 server running on a cluster of four servers, with the objective of delivering a highly available environment. However, they were experiencing business interruption resulting in high levels of maintenance. We soon discovered that this was because they were operating on a standard version of Exchange. This had limitations relating to number and size of databases.

RSK were on an acquisition trail and this problem was becoming critical. BCN Group were asked to provide options which would not only resolve their current issues but would allow for future expansion.

Discover & Propose

We proposed two solutions:

1. Upgrade the current version of Exchange to Enterprise. Although this would eliminate the issue it would mean their existing storage location would not be able to cope with additional storage requirements. They would need to invest in new hardware to
overcome this.

2. Move to Office 365. This would give them the ability to host the multi-terabyte data they needed and would save them the time and
resource they were currently using to maintain the current environment. However, they would need to invest in Microsoft E3 licences and additional storage expansion.

BCN advised RSK that Office 365 was the best option for them in the medium-longer term. With each acquisition RSK could quickly and easily add user licenses to their environment as and when they needed to, using BCN Group’s customer portal. They could also flex their Azure storage to suit demands.

Manage & Evolve

Since this initial project RSK has acquired more businesses and BCN Group continue to provide consultancy and support, assisting them with additional Office 365 requirements on a weekly basis.

BCN Group has also migrated RSK to Azure, delivering four key projects involving the migration of business critical applications which manage workflow and projects (they have upwards of 10k projects at any one time).

The advice and support given by BCN Group has provided a robust and flexible environment for this highly acquisitive and fast-growth business. As RSK’s IT partner, we look forward to supporting new projects and optimising technologies moving forward.