You can only spend your pound once – don’t wait until it’s only worth 80p

It’s been called the ‘Brexit Effect’, the ‘Trump Effect’, and the ‘Exchange Rate Impact’. But whatever you choose to call it – let’s agree on Trumbrexchange – the result is the same: prices are going up, and not just in a small way.

Across the board, vendors and suppliers, mainly outside of the UK have made significant pricing adjustments upward to ensure they don’t fall foul of the exchange rate fluctuations. As we now know, these changes are ranged quite dramatically between manufacturers, with a popularly unpopular 10% by global PC builder Lenovo, a nerve jangling 15% from VMware, to an eye watering 22% from Microsoft. HP (like many that have already pushed prices north) have revisited the price hike booth with a further round of rises varying between 6 and 12%.

Yet whilst we may all know about these price changes, many of have forgotten that they don’t actually come into force until January 1st, 2017. With no rocket science required, If you have budget to spend on your IT now and where holding it off until the new year, you might want to think about changing that view.

In less than a month, your beloved pound will buy your a as much as a fifth less product than it used to.

2017 is certainly looking like it’ll be an interesting year in both politics and business, and with so much uncertainty it might just be wise to do your new years’ shopping early this time round. At the very least, today you definitely know what you’re dealing with. Tomorrow, who knows?