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Guide: 8 Critical Data Insights your Housing Association can access right now

Posted 19th June 2024

Housing providers have access to a myriad of data on their tenants and their properties. But for this data to provide real value it needs to be accessible, giving employees the insight they need to make more informed decisions, fast.

Faced with growing challenges from funding constraints to regulatory compliance, financial clarity has never been more important. Now, more than ever, housing associations need to be able to see the bigger picture so that they can make agile decisions with confidence.

The good news is that you can quickly create Power BI reports to get the insight you need.

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Get the data you need…fast

Hampered by silos, legacy systems and disparate sources – the data challenges facing housing associations can feel insurmountable. But by adopting a fresh approach that harnesses the latest tools you can start accessing the financial data you need within a matter of weeks.

Unlock the power of real-time intelligence

Thanks to Microsoft Fabric you can spend less time managing your financial data and more time unlocking its value. This agile AI-driven platform can collect data from any source, drawing together your most important financial information before visualising it in easy-to-use dashboards using Power BI.

Because data flows are built using existing sources from within your current ecosystem, housing associations can unlock critical insights without expensive or time-consuming implementation processes.

8 insights your data can deliver

Want to know how you could put your information to work? In this guide you’ll find examples of real dashboards that housing associations are using to bring their data to life.

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Here’s 8 dashboards you could have access to, quickly:

1. Keep on top of KPIs – See where you’re achieving and where you need to improve

2. Arrears at a glance – Track week-by-week trends from one single dashboard.

3. An overview of internal performance – Get line-of-sight on all of your officers.

4. Finance in focus – Customisable dashboards provide a snapshot of financial performance

5. Get granular – Deep dive into your data by name, neighbourhood and even property type

6. Debt displayed – Data flows track collections, giving you insight on every area of your association.

7. Voids in view – Minimise the cost of empty homes with easy-to-use administration tools.

8. Tenants tracked – Build profiles with easy-to-access info on arrears and credits.


Are you ready to unlock the power of your data?

Put your data to work with automated Power BI dashboards that offer critical insights for your organisation.
BCN helps social housing providers throughout the UK to make better use of their data. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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