Hosted IT Network for Perspective Financial Group

Hosted Network for Perspective Financial Group

The Client

Perspective Financial Group Ltd is a top 15 national financial advisory group within the UK.  ‘Perspective,’ established in 2008, has seen considerable growth through the acquisition of 30 advising firms and now manages over £2.5bn of clients’ assets with an annual turnover in excess of £25m.  Perspective specialises in providing advice in both the private and corporate client arenas.  Perspective firms are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the head office is based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

The Challenge

Perspective is an enterprise business with over 24 current trading sites, geographically spread, which prior to the engagement with BlueCoffee have been operating on local server based environments.  This posed many logistical challenges for the group in addition to incurring  unnecessary time/cost expense.  Providing a centrally managed operating environment that fully complies with FSA regulations in regard to infrastructure, data protection, security and business continuity is essential.  The environment has to cater for specialist applications, be scalable and flexible to meet the demands of the business with continuing acquisitions and restructuring, facilitate ‘remote’ working whilst also being an economical solution.
Access to real-time data of high quality is critical to any business although often a challenge on this scale.  Any new infrastructure has to support this requirement whilst providing a portal to increase the engagement between the head office management team and the trading sites.  Perspective is proud of delivering the very best advice and service to all of its clients and any key strategic partner engaged would be pivotal in maintaining this.

The Solution

BlueCoffee delivered a hosted network to link all sites in to one managed central environment.  When new acquisitions are integrated into the group, BlueCoffee migrate all local server functions into the new corporate infrastructure.  This is done utilising remote datacentres which are fully compliant with industry requirements for the security of data and business continuity plans.  The new environment has increased business flexibility to allow secure working from any location, any time on almost any device.
Corporate branding, management controls, software implementations and upgrades can be easily deployed with minimal disruption and time cost expense.  The new environment has increased data resilience and effectiveness of redundant systems whilst also providing a flexible and secure solution.
It is essential for any cost to provide a significant benefit or return on investment.  Capital expenditure requirements for the replacement of servers, hardware, software licences and upgrades have all been minimised, easing the burden of budgeting and cash flow forecasting.  The infrastructure also provides the flexibility to restructure the business along with the associated cost-savings.

The Benefits

There is minimal capital expenditure up front as the pricing model is based on a defined cost per user per month.  This cost includes all hardware and operating software in the datacentre that is required to run an enterprise solution with multiple servers and SANs, including Microsoft licensing (Exchange and Office), email systems including protection against viruses, malware and spam.  BlueCoffee Networks’ IT helpdesk provides telephone, email and web-based support along with proactive monitoring.
BlueCoffee has made significant investment in secure, resilient datacentres and hosting technologies over the last few years on behalf of our clients in order to provide them with the following benefits:
•    Central management and control
•    24×7 System Availability
•    Offsite backups and server replication
•    Fully-scalable solutions
•    Ease of deployment, integration and upgrade

“The decision to make BlueCoffee a key strategic partner of the Perspective Group has proven to be invaluable.  They have surpassed our expectations in tackling the many challenges we placed in front of them.  The team of very experienced technical staff have been a pleasure to work with, have really gone the extra mile to look after us and have transitioned us on to an enviable infrastructure, to our demanding timescales, on budget and with minimal disruption. We can totally rely on their expertise and ‘can do’ attitude that is vital to us as a group that has grown quickly and will continue to do so. We believe that a robust and secure infrastructure is value enhancing in many ways and are delighted with the new solution.”