Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Providing businesses with managed cloud solutions and infrastructures, so they can become secure, agile and future-proofed.

An infrastructure that allows agility, quick access and scalability

Cloud-based services are becoming the norm for how we live our digital lives. On our smartphones, photos, videos and data all live within a cloud infrastructure. But for many businesses, the idea of moving to the cloud feels out of reach and may feel like a risk you are not prepared to take. However, by sharing your concerns, asking questions and accessing the right knowledge and expertise, barriers that have prevented you from moving to the cloud are often broken down.

As a managed cloud service provider BCN Group bring expertise and peace of mind to every step of your cloud journey. Firstly, we will review your current infrastructure and identify any gaps. Based on what’s right for your business – whether that’s migrating to the public cloud, private cloud or hybrid model – we will methodically plan the best way to you move you to your new environment. Then and only then do we begin your seamless and transformational cloud migration.

BCN Group will provide you with the best solutions and migration paths to make your new cloud infrastructure a success.

The services for any cloud infrastructure solution

BCN Group provide a comprehensive range of cloud services

Managed Cloud Solutions

Utilising Microsoft Azure, BCN group provide businesses with a fully managed cloud hosting environment. Provisioned quickly, freedom to access from any location and the ability to scale capacity up and down based on changing demands, data will be secured in your managed cloud platform. Azure is one of the highest security accredited services in the world.


Private Cloud

BCN Group understand that for some businesses, utilising the public cloud is not always possible due to regulatory requirements or because of the nature of their data or services. With BCN Cloud, organisations can utilise all the benefits of a public solution, whilst operating through a private cloud hosting platform. You’ll have peace of mind that your data will be hosted on BCN’s private cloud infrastructure in Manchester.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud

Our hybrid cloud infrastructure gives businesses the flexibility of a combined cloud and on-premise solution. We work with you to refresh your existing on-premise environment with new nimble servers, or by providing improved support and automated patching whilst also providing the cloud-based services you will need. Users will never know that they are seamlessly moving between the two and will remain safe and protected with improved hybrid cloud security.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration team help businesses with migration planning. Whether it be an on premise to cloud migration or a cloud to cloud migration, we’ll support you through the process, mitigating against any impacts and providing proactive support through our team of dedicated engineers.

Cloud Migration

We all want a flexible business

One of the main success factors for businesses today is the ability to operate flexibly. A flexible business tends to have faster response times, can make quicker decisions, and feel that technology should be a key growth driver. The cloud provides all this!

A cloud infrastructure provides organisations with all the services they need including hosting of applications, connect services, hosting of communication platforms, and improved resilience with data backup and business continuity services.

The experts for your business

At BCN Group we are passionate about the cloud and the benefits it brings to businesses of all sizes. Our dedicated team of cloud engineers work tirelessly to make sure our clients are making full use of their environment and reaping the benefits this brings.