Cloud and Azure: The Business Leaders Guide to Data Centre Transformation

The world of data storage and hosting has changed dramatically in recent years, transitioning from on-premise hosting systems to transformational cloud-based storage.

As the pandemic has illustrated, all organisations are heavily dependent on technology to operate, transact, innovate and evolve. No longer is technology decisions solely the remit of the IT department. Digital transformation is a hot topic of focus and discussion in boardrooms across the land.

Created specifically for business leaders this guide is a comprehensive introduction and overview of cloud computing and how Azure sits as part of this.

Our guide covers:

  • An introduction to cloud computing
  • An explanation of Saas, Iaas and PaaS
  • What is Azure?
  • What services does Azure delver?
  • Ten tell-tale signs your business may be ready for Azure
  • Six key benefits of Azure
  • The most popular customer questions when considering Azure
  • Our 5-step Azure migration plan
  • Client stories