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Webinar series: join us to find out how Cincinnati Children's transformed its quality excellence using EasySPC

This event has now passed

Join us for an enlightening three-part webinar series as we embark on a journey through the world of SPC charts and their transformative impact on healthcare. This series will unveil the remarkable story of a Cincinnati Children’s adoption of Power BI SPC automation tools and its continuous journey towards excellence in quality and patient care.

This event has now passed – click here to read the summary of each webinar

Webinar #1: Laying the Foundations to SPC Automation

In our first webinar, we introduced the concept of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and its pivotal role in healthcare quality improvement. Cincinnati Children’s unique challenges and opportunities were explored, along with their decision to embrace EasySPC.

Webinar #2: From Strategy to Real-world Application

Our second webinar took a deep dive into the implementation process. We learnt how Cincinnati Children’s customized EasySPC to meet their needs. Following their journey as they overcame implementation challenges, integrating EasySPC with existing systems, and navigating the complexities of training and change management.  Real-world outcomes and the impact on healthcare quality were showcased.

Webinar 3: Sustaining Excellence

In the final instalment, we explored how Cincinnati Children’s plans to sustain excellence in quality improvement through the Power Platform and EasySPC. Delving into their strategies for data collection, analysis, and reporting. Discovering how the Quality Excellence report empowers hospital staff and heard about the valuable lessons learned and best practices.

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