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Introducing EasySPC from BCN Healthcare

Forid Alom, Senior Product Manager for Analytics and Improvement at East London NHS Foundation Trust highlights some of the key features of EasySPC.

Introducing EasySPC from BCN Healthcare


BCN Healthcare is a leading provider of software solutions for the healthcare sector. We help our clients improve patient safety, quality of care and operational efficiency. One of our flagship products is EasySPC, a powerful and easy-to-use statistical process control tool that helps you monitor and improve your processes and outcomes.

EasySPC is designed to help you collect, analyse and display data from any source, such as clinical systems, laboratory results, surveys, audits and more. You can create charts and dashboards that show you the performance of your processes over time, identify trends and patterns, and detect any changes or problems. You can also set targets and limits, compare different groups or locations, and benchmark your results against national or international standards.

EasySPC has helped many healthcare organisations improve their quality and safety, reduce variation and waste, and achieve excellence in their services. Here are some examples of how our customers have used EasySPC to make a difference.

If you want to learn more about EasySPC and how it can help you improve your processes and outcomes, please visit our website or contact us today. We will be happy to show you how EasySPC works and how you can get started in minutes. Thank you for watching.

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