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Flexible global working for Derek Rose

  • Microsoft 365

About Derek Rose Limited

Derek Rose is a global clothing retailer with sales in 50 different countries. The company is a family business, with three generations working together. Derek Rose lays a strong emphasis on quality, design and customer service. Whilst the majority of their staff are UK based, they have employees all over the world operating in many different time zones.


When Derek Rose approached BCN, their network was in desperate need of a refresh. The business had been running its email and data on a Microsoft Small Business Server, located in their London office, which was quickly coming to the end of its life. They were experiencing intermittent problems with the server hardware reliability, which was impacting operations.

Derek Rose wanted a new IT solution that would work well for both the UK offices and their global workforce. In particular, they sought a resilient email and communications infrastructure that would be ‘always on’ and accessible from any location, on any device.


Flexible global working for everyone

BCN proposed the Microsoft 365 cloud services solution, which was successfully rolled out across the company’s operations worldwide with minimal disruption. This provided Derek Rose with a truly global, resilient email and collaborative communications infrastructure, with little capital investment. Now Derek Rose benefit from an email solution that services both their Apple and Microsoft users in all countries, with no limitations or risk of becoming outdated.