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A flexible infrastructure for Gardners Books


Gardners Books believe that how they deliver their products, is just as important as the products they deliver. The customer experience is key.

Established in 1986, Gardners Books has grown to become one of the leading wholesalers of books, eBooks, music and film. Centered around a 350,000 square foot facility, Gardners Books offer over 500,000 in-stock products for immediate dispatch, and a further 1.5 million eBooks for instant download. Such an extensive operation has only been made possible through the combination of innovative thinking and constant investment in effective technology.

With such a massive range of products, a lot rides on the business’ ability to find, process and dispatch orders efficiently, without ever losing track. And it’s not just the CRM and ERP systems that have to be fully operational and reliable; the huge Eastbourne warehouse utilises very high storage bays, operated by 37 robotic units within the automated picking system. RFID technology helps track all assets throughout the lifetime of their journey from selection to dispatch.


BCN have worked closely with Gardners to build an enterprise grade infrastructure to support their aggressive growth. Through a process of consulting, delivery and building trust over a period of years, we have created a hybrid platform using best of breed technology in the Gardners data centre, with utilisation of BCN’s private cloud to enhance business operations and provide robust disaster recovery.


This is well-suited to Gardners’ operational approach, as the company values collaborative and close-working relationships that allow for joint pioneering.


BCN now provides an extensive range of services with particular focus on supporting Gardners Books ambitious and progressive IT strategy, taking advantage of proven as well as cutting edge technologies to maintain its position as a leading digital business.

“ As a trusted advisor to the organisation, BCN now act as a key influencer to our IT strategy. They help us establish a level of confident business assurance, always being responsible, knowledgeable and very responsive. ”