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Manufacturing IT Solutions

IT Support, software solutions, and cyber security services for the manufacturing industry.

IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry:

We know the importance of having solid technological infrastructures to support your business’ manufacturing processes and communications.

With the correct solutions in place, you can automate your manufacturing processes, transform internal communications, and increase productivity. In turn, revolutionising the way your business works.

IT Services for Manufacturing

Managed IT Support 

Our industry-accredited experts oversee every aspect of your IT infrastructure, 24/7, enabling you to focus on your business goals.


Leave the technical side of your business to BCN’s Managed IT Services for manufacturing companies.

Network Security 

Access the latest tools and practices to boost your business’ network defenses.


Take a proactive stance against cyber-attacks and breaches.


Our team will provide network security auditing, monitoring, and protection.

Disaster Recovery 

With BCN’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Services, your business can quickly restore critical data and applications if cyber-attacks or natural disasters occur.


Our experts will create a cloud disaster recovery strategy tailored to your manufacturing processes.

Managed Cloud 

Host your data on a secure, protected cloud platform.


Access your critical data quickly and securely from any location, at any time.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Accessibly view critical manufacturing information and highlight variations in your data.


BCN will provide custom analytical visuals and tools to help you better understand your processes, facilitating advanced data interpretation and analytics.

IT Challenges for the Manufacturing Industry

Whether you plan to automate processes, improve communications, or meet GDPR compliance and industry regulations, we can help. BCN’s industry accredited experts have an array of manufacturing IT solutions ready to tackle any challenges your organisation might face, including:


GDPR Compliance 

Remaining GDPR compliant can be a challenge, but failure to do so could be devastating for your business. Therefore, you must keep your customer, employee, and trading partners’ data safe. Speak to our experts today, and we’ll explain the best ways you can secure your data, and ensure you remain GDPR compliant.


Supply Chain Management 

Has the pandemic, Brexit, or other significant disruptions caused supply chain issues for your manufacturing business? If so, we could improve your productivity. Our Sage experts will take the time to understand what specific requirements you need, and which third-party applications are best suited to your business, ensuring your business is effectively prepared for supply chain management and disruptions in the future.  


Automation improvements and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

In today’s digital age, the need for automated technologies is crucial. Indeed, failure to implement reliable and effective automation processes could affect your productivity levels. That’s why BCN’s Power Automate services exist, automating processes that would have otherwise wasted valuable time.

Why Choose BCN for Manufacturing IT Services?

As a managed service IT provider and digital transformation expert, BCN Group offers a range of integrated technology solutions to meet your manufacturing needs. We will transform your organisation’s capabilities by first identifying digital processes that could be more effective. What’s more, as your partner, we’ll resolve issues as they arise and provide ongoing support. There is no better time to integrate and automate your organisation’s manufacturing processes. Speak to BCN today about IT solutions for manufacturing companies, including:


With more than 200 industry-accredited experts in digital transformation and technological innovation, we’re well equipped to tackle your IT challenges. Take peace of mind that BCN holds the highest accreditations and certifications with Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sage, and many more industry-leading IT companies, providing you with the best manufacturing IT solutions.

Expert Services

As one of a handful of Statistical Process (SPC) chart providers, BCN Group are in a unique position to provide state-of-the-art custom analytical tools and visuals to optimise your manufacturing processes. We’ll aim to be an extension of your business, offering support across a range of manufacturing IT support and software services.

24/7 Support

When technology isn’t working correctly, it impacts your bottom line. So, ensure your business always remains operational with our 24/7 managed service. Tap into BCN’s technical knowledge whenever you need advice, hearing from experts who always talk in plain English.

BCN Client Testimonials

“My BCN Group account manager talks the same language as me, and I trust him. He bends over backwards to get things done. On the technical side, they have been brilliant – the degree of expertise that BCN Group has delivered across all areas of our IT transformation has been impressive. They have real expertise in lots of areas.”

“Moving to a cloud-based email facility has been a positive step forward for us. The Office 365 package provides us with a larger part of our software and communications needs and gives us flexibility with easy remote access.”


Find out more about manufacturing IT Support for your organisation by contacting BCN Group today.