Keep your business up and running

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

minimise disruption

Reduce financial loss

increase confidence

Faster recovery

ensures compliance

increase uptime

ISO accredited

affordable pricing

We offer a range of continuity, back-up and restore options designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial and public sector organisations, large and small.

Our services are easy to use, very adaptable, cost effective with the sole aim of providing peace of mind, that should the worse happen, you won’t have lost your data. Unlike many providers, BCN is not prescriptive – we can build a plan based on our offerings above to suit your unique needs.

By intelligently mixing both automated and human resources, you benefit from the advantages of automation – and still, know there are real people you can contact behind it. human support.

Benefits of adopting our business continuity services

  • Greatly reduce the risk to productivity and loss of revenue
  • Reduce the impact of disruption to your business operations
  • Cultivate client confidence and increase staff morale
  • Ensure processes and SLA’s are in place to recover critical services within agreed timeframes
  • Meet policy, compliance, and legal obligations.
  • Create and maintain a market edge
  • Improve business planning and resource management

“Our main criteria for choosing an IT partner are reliability and price. BCN have lived up to expectations here”


Make the most of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans

We will work with you to identify, define and create a business continuity plan that will help your business continue operating during and more importantly, after a disaster.

We start by looking at your business critical systems and processes and design a plan to cope with any incidents that would impact these and their users. Our approach spans from a single device all the way through to the complete loss of your major services.

Our technical staff are well versed in all aspects of continuity and recovery, holding a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of your requirements.

Our aim is to deliver enterprise-class continuity at scale, with the minimum of fuss, at an attractive cost.