Building a modern digital workplace

Providing businesses with all the tools available to help drive a digital workplace strategy.

Embracing technology in the workplace

By developing a modern workplace strategy, you can help push real change in the way your teams and customers work together; creating a more streamlined and agile business, where decisions can be made faster and with greater confidence.

New technology in the workplace

Understand what you need to develop a smart digital workplace.


Our team of experts can deliver and support your digital workplace solutions and your new operational norm.


Through improved collaboration and communication, your teams will see a natural increase in productivity. BCN Group can help businesses utilise modern workplace solutions through Microsoft 365, including the provision of licences, service integration, and training for your end-users.



With the support of our dedicated Development team, we work with you to develop solutions that meet your requirements in a smarter, fast-moving, and agile way of working. This may be developing a new app, the adoption of SharePoint, or the implementation of Power BI for enhanced business reporting.


Cloud Telephony

The way we work and communicate has transformed in recent years, yet many businesses still use traditional on-premise telephony infrastructures. With a cloud telephony solution your end-users will be able to make and receive calls from multiple devices, quickly provision licences, remove outdated desk phones and devices, and have a secure and scalable infrastructure.

Cloud Telephony


Due to its flexibility, improving your end-user and network security is important in the development of a modern workplace. BCN Group’s security experts work with you to provide resilient network security, end-user protection tools and rights management policies, all are designed to keep you secure.


Delivering Smart Workplace Technology

We are operating in a period of great technological change. Businesses that embrace these changes and evolve into a more modern workplace will see growth through a more productive team and the very best wanting to work for them.

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