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Secure, scalable and adaptable cloud solutions that give organisations a future-proofed and flexible infrastructure.

A cloud environment designed for the long-term

Microsoft Azure is the cloud environment of all cloud environments. Designed to provide organisations with a secure and future-proofed infrastructure and hosting platform, Azure can become the long-term answer for many business’ needs in supporting a sustainable environment.

Microsoft Azure helps businesses to focus on what’s most important to them – growth! Time no longer needs to be spent manually maintaining hardware and security patching, Azure Infrastructure (IaaS) and Azure Platform (PaaS) can be quickly provisioned and will provide businesses with a deployment that will host their business-critical services and a route to access.

Microsoft Azure services provide businesses with ways to improve cost efficiencies and create a proactive ideology of technology.

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Azure – Platform as A Service (PaaS)

Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based applications to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications.

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Azure – Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Internet.  An Azure infrastructure offers full flexibility and scalability for businesses of any size and sector.

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Giving businesses a route into the cloud

As an Azure managed services provider, BCN Group provide you with a route into the cloud and a solution that is developed specifically to meet your requirements.

The first step on your journey, is to understand where you’re starting from. Through our Cloud Readiness Assessment our team of Cloud Consultants will review your existing infrastructure. Based on our findings, we will prepare a plan for developing, implementing and managing a flexible Azure deployment that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Beyond the cloud – supporting you after deployment

We continue to support you after your cloud migration, working with your existing IT resources to help manage your Azure environment, provision new services, and provide support as and when you need it. We can also work with you to ensure that costs are continuously optimised through regular reviews of your Azure integrated services.

Future-proofed infrastructures

Hardware, software and security updates will happen automatically meaning you are always working in the most current Azure environment.

The best security

Because the Azure cloud platform is hosted within Microsoft’s own datacentres, your data will be safe and secure from potential attacks, whether they be virtual or physical. Your data and services are automatically replicated to a secondary site, so if your primary hosting site were to fail, your services will continue to operate and with no loss of performance.

Flexibility is key

A key benefit of cloud technology is flexibility, and this is exactly what Azure solutions deliver. You have the flexibility to scale capacity up and down at any point based on demand, whilst being able to access your data and application from anywhere on any device, securely and quickly.

A cloud-first partner

BCN Group believe that the cloud should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or sector. As a Microsoft certified Gold and Direct CSP partner, we have the expertise, knowledge, and Microsoft direct access to make your Microsoft Azure cloud development a complete success.


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