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Bing Chat Enterprise: Game-Changing Efficiencies at Your Fingertips

Posted 27 July 2023

The development of AI has grabbed everybody’s attention, from ChatGPT to the recent announcements of Microsoft Copilot, AI is, and will, transform the way we work.

At BCN, we’re excited about the possibilities of Bing Chat Enterprise. Here’s what you need to know about it, how you can trial AI in a safe and secure environment and how you can drive business efficiencies…

How does this fit with ChatGPT and other AI products?

You may already be familiar with the ways that Consumer Generative AI can help people get more sophisticated answers than regular web searches or help with everyday task planning. Products such as ChatGPT have entered our world and millions of us have experimented with how it works and what it can do. However, using these kinds of services for work operations would involve putting sensitive company data and information at risk and isn’t something we would ever recommend. This is due to the way that these open systems work, storing all inputted data to train itself to be the most efficient it can be.

Ultimately, ChatGPT and other consumer AI products are great for organising a trip to the beach or a birthday party but not so good when creating end of year reports for an important meeting.

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Bing Chat Enterprise solves this challenge by bringing the power of generative AI to the workplace safely with commercial data protection. All user and business data fed into this game changing tool is encrypted in transit and will never leak outside of your organisation. It’s essentially reassuring to know that none of your data is saved, and Microsoft won’t ever have visibility, so it can never be used as training for their LLM (Large Language Modelling) on other products and services. It’s your data and you should be the only people that see it and decide how to use it.

Let’s take a look at exactly what it can do.

A Time Saving & Value Adding Tool

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Bing Chat Enterprise is its simplicity. Your experience of it can be immediate as it will be presented to you whenever you are logged in to your work account. The interface is clean and intuitive and getting the best from it may just involve jumping straight in to see what the most valuable output is for you.

You could ask Bing Chat Enterprise to draft a creative and engaging sales pitch for a new product or service. All you have to do is tell it what you need, drop the product specs and information into the chat box and hit send. In an instant, you will have saved hours of work with a well written and informative pitch document to work from. No more staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike and get you moving.

Interestingly, Bing Chat Enterprise can add plenty of extra value to the tasks that you ask it to do. For example, it has the capability to intuitively search the web for content that will support and augment your request. So, your product sales pitch can also include information on the competition in your market, comparing features, price and everything that your audience will want to know. Again, this is all done with a click of a button and presented to you immediately. The time you would previously spend researching and collating all of that information is simply handed back to you.

Work Smarter. Move Faster.

The most powerful tool in any organisation is the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Bing Chat Enterprise offers instant analysis that can make these decisions more efficient, smarter and faster. You could ask it to offer advice on how to measure a marketing campaign, or how your growth forecasts compare to the best performing companies in your space.

It can also accelerate the learning of new skills. As you take on a project, you could ask it to point you in the right direction of new management methods and how to implement them. You could even get Bing Chat Enterprise to write the social media posts that tell the world how your product & services will bring them the benefits they want. All it needs is the key information.

17th August 2023 – A Date for Your Diary

Bing Chat Enterprise is the next step for how operational technology can make a noticeable difference to your working day in a big way. And, the great news is, this will be enabled for all users assigned with an M365 Business Standard, Business Premium, M365 E3 or M365 E5 license on the 17th of August 2023. You don’t have to do anything to access it, Microsoft will automatically roll out Bing Chat Entperise and it will appear on your Office 365 account, all ready to go. Simply access via, or the Bing sidebar within Microsoft Edge if it is configured.

There’s no reason to wait for this date either. You can start drafting some of the questions and prompts that you want to try right now and give your company a head start.

BCN is Always Here

BCN is by your side for any further advice, guidance and resources you need to get the most from Bing Chat Enterprise and all of the tools & solutions we deliver to our partners. Our passion for what technology makes possible is always working hard for your benefit.

So, set a Bing Chat Enterprise reminder for the 17th of August to make sure you hit the ground running. It might just be a date to remember in more ways than one for the next phase of your digital transformation.

Learn more about how BCN can keep you up to date with all our products and services here.