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BCN Podcast: AI Kickstarters; everything you need to know

Posted 6th June 2024

Our experts discuss BCN's latest Data & AI offering, AI Kickstarters; a set of short, packaged projects, designed to ignite your business's AI journey.

Harry Busby and Andy James join Pete Filitz to talk through everything you need to know about BCN’s AI kickstarters, which are designed to introduce businesses to AI services and provide practical use cases.

The Kickstarters include Copilot Studio Chat, Copilot Power App, and AI Builder; which cover everything from chatbots, automation, and generative AI, providing businesses with a starting point for their AI journey.

Each Kickstarter is a time-bound “taster” program, providing hands-on experience with AI capabilities and practical benefits for businesses.

For more information head to AI Kickstarters – BCN

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