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Evo-supply Data-Bridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Make transacting with your business partners and EDI platforms simple and efficient

Evo-Supply Data-Bridge

Many companies receive orders through multiple sales channels and EDI partners leading to often complex customisations and data management. Data-Bridge within the evo-supply solution is designed to keep things nice and simple.

Evo-supply Data-Bridge

Streamline data-to-day transacting with your business partners

The evo-supply Data-Bridge application from BCN provides an electronic data interchange (EDI) platform that works directly within your Dynamics 365 Business Central application. Whether you are importing sales orders from a selling platform or EDI partner, exporting purchase orders to your suppliers and their factories, uploading data to a sales portal, or simply transferring information to a 3rd party warehouse, evo-supply Data-Bridge has got you covered.

  • In and Out

    Data-Bridge imports data automatically from your business partners, and sends data back to them automatically, using a variety of methods and protocols.

    • Receive sales orders from your sales partners.
    • Export sales data to sales portals such as Pixsell and mSeller.
    • Send and receive order & inventory information to your 3rd party warehouse.
    • Send and receive purchasing data to your suppliers and their factories.
  • Plug and Play

    Through our series of unique data-bridge Partner connectors, you can simply “plug in” a new connector, and once configured with any appropriate setup data, away it goes! We are constantly updating our partner connector library, so check below for more information.

  • Fully Automated

    Place your Data-Bridge connectors onto a schedule to make sure you are receiving orders throughout the day for processing before the designated cut off point.

  • No Touch Processing

    Whether you are running Data-Bridge automatically, or manually, our seamless integrations enable Data-Bridge to process transactions without any interactions from users. All you need to do is manage the exceptions using our simple to use interface. Imagine a sales order scenario; Data-Bridge will import, validate & process the data, then automatically send the order directly to a pick without anybody having to do anything! Data-Bridge can do as much or as little as you want, without your users having to touch a keyboard or mouse!

  • Validate

    Errors in data do occur from time to time. Data-Bridge batches information and process all valid data, leaving just the exceptions to be investigated. If one piece of data fails, it doesn’t stop the whole process.

  • Do it Yourself

    With our free Data-Bridge – Data Exchange partner, you can create your own flat file import and export processes using Business Central’s Data Exchange Definitions.


Data Bridge Partners for evo-supply Enterprise

The Data-Bridge application for evo-supply Enterprise integrates with a number of additional partners across platforms.

Using pre-built connectors to automate transactions between Business Central and your business partners, additional partners for Data Bridge provides an enhanced user experience, enabling users to effortlessly move data back and forth, streamlining workflows for a smooth user experience.

Here's the full list of partners Data Bridge integrates with:

  • Falcoe

  • GXS

  • mSeller

  • Aspin PixSell/InterSell

  • Studio

  • Cyrane

  • Linnworks

  • Virtual Stock

  • Blue Alligator

  • BlueJay

  • Wayfair

  • MintSoft

  • SlimStock

  • Amazon MWS

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