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Vulnerability Management as Service

Designed to safeguard your business's infrastructure.

What is Managed Vulnerability?

Managed Vulnerability involves identifying, evaluating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities that appear in your networks and the software that runs on them. When implemented alongside other cyber security services, Managed Vulnerability helps organisations reduce their threat landscape.

Essentially the process is the digital equivalent of routinely checking your doors and windows are locked to protect from criminals. Managed Vulnerability regularly audits and examines public IP address within your network, identifying security weaknesses that can leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management as a Service

BCN’s Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) is specifically designed to protect your organisation’s digital infrastructure. This service comes as a Managed Service or a One-time Engagement.


Managed Service

  • As part of this service you get:

    • Regular, scheduled vulnerability scans
    • Comprehensive report detailing vulnerabilities
    • Monthly vulnerability meeting and remediation time
  • What makes up the service

    • Regular automated IP based internal and external vulnerability scan, run on a schedule that suits your business.
    • Continuous monitoring and reporting of potential vulnerabilities on a regular basis.
    • Regular Vulnerability Reviews with a BCN expert.
    • Regular updates and remedial actions to fix vulnerabilities.*

    *Fixes & remediations are time bound based on the agreed scope at the point of sale. The default time is 1 day per recurrence.


One-time Engagement

  • As part of this service you get:

    • One-time vulnerability scan.
    • Comprehensive vulnerabilities report.
    • BCN Expert review of the scan results.
  • What makes up the service

    • An automated and high-level IP based internal and external vulnerability scan.
    • Identification of potential vulnerabilities and a comprehensive report highlighting areas of improvement ranked by criticality.
    • A Vulnerability Management review with a BCN expert to explain the scan results.

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Business benefits

  • Early detection of vulnerabilities in your IT environment

  • A clear view of your current security posture

  • Ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are met

  • Simple reports for Cyber Insurance renewals and Cyber Essentials

Why BCN?

Why choose BCN?

BCN are the right technology partner that will help you navigate the cyber security landscape. We have worked hard to develop our trusted reputation through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, and most importantly excellent customer service.

  • Cyber Essential experts

    As a Cyber Essentials certification body, BCN Group is committed to helping businesses protect themselves in line with NCSC best practices and a Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

    Cyber essentials

  • Microsoft Solution Partner

    As a certified Microsoft Solutions partner for Security, we can deliver the Microsoft security products you need to secure your organisation’s critical systems and data.

    Microsoft Solutions Partner

  • Tailored Security Solutions

    As well as testing your system security, we provide access to a range of bespoke security solutions to help you fix any vulnerabilities and protect your critical infrastructure against attack.

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