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Data Warehouse for ESR

An out-of-the box solution transforming Electronic Staff Record (ESR) data into actionable, data-driven insights so NHS Trusts can gain a holistic picture of staffing and HR performance.

The challenge

Staff are the backbone of the NHS and ensuring Trusts are meeting recruitment targets, maintaining high staff morale, and keeping on top of HR processes is crucial for performance and the delivery of care. It is critical that NHS Trusts get a holistic picture of staff across services to help with planning, improving employee experiences, and improving staff retention.

What is Data Warehousing for ESR?

Transforming ESR data into an easy-to-use format for reporting

A data warehouse is a central repository of integrated data from various sources that is cleansed and standardised for reporting and analysis. Data warehousing for ESR is an out-of-the-box service and pipeline process from BCN that transforms ESR data into a data warehouse. This allows for Power BI reporting and data visualisation, so NHS Trust users can gain data-driven insights into staffing and HR performance.

It is a repeatable approach to transforming ESR data into an easy-to-use format for reporting. Utilising our pre-built connectors, data pipelines, and data schemas, our service will rapidly give NHS Trust’s the insights they need.

Key features

Make smarter, more informed decisions

A data warehouse can be designed to host structured data like database tables, excel spreadsheets as well as semi-structured data in the form of XML files and webpages. A data warehouse hosting large amounts of information provides users with easy and efficient access to a host of historical data, enabling informed data analytics and catering to the reporting needs of a business.

Reliable data, especially when aggregated over time, helps users make smarter, more informed decisions about the way they run their organisation.

  • Consolidated data serves as a single source of truth

  • Improved data quality, consistency, and accuracy

  • Provides historical data analysis capabilities

  • Provides historical data analysis capabilities

  • Supports dynamic and advanced data analytics & reporting

  • Decoupling analytics and transactional processes improve overall performance across systems

Data Warehouse for ESR

The benefits of ESR data warehousing

An ESR data warehouse gives Trust’s a 360-degree view of staff and HR, including a view of vacancies, holidays, absences, length of stay, and staff retention, all visualised through clear and accessible Power BI data visualisations. By having data of the existing situation, Trusts can improve employee experiences and staff retention, save time, and improve operational planning by leveraging a consistent view of staff footprints across their Trust.

Data warehousing for ESR is also an excellent opportunity for Trust’s to begin their data journey in the cloud, quickly and efficiently, acting as a steppingstone to more advanced technology services.

The benefits you can expect from ESR data warehousing:

  • Get a 360-degree staff view

  • Improve employee experiences and staff retention

  • Save time by automating data extraction

  • Improve operational planning

  • Begin your data journey in the cloud

  • Harness the power of innovative technology like Power BI reporting and Azure services

Customer success stories

See how we’ve helped transform healthcare businesses like yours

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NHS Liverpool CCG

Acting on a referral from two NHS organisations, Liverpool CCG approached BCN to replace a Power BI Covid-19 dashboard within a 14-day deadline, and move their existing performance data into an optimised, easy-to-use analytics reporting system

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  • Azure
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

East London NHS Foundation Trust

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) is renowned across the UK’s public health sector as a pioneer of continuous quality improvement. ELFT now uses SPC Charts to provide its teams with intelligent insights in near real-time to support the prediction of future trends, the identification of variations and data-informed decision-making.

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  • EasySPC
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Walsall NHS Foundation Trust wanted to replace their existing intranet with the LiveTiles Enterprise and Reach platform to improve workplace communication and upgrade user experiences.

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  • Healthcare
  • LiveTiles

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Alder Hey and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Trust needed to roll out Power BI across the joint analytics team. Our solution helped key stakeholders utilise and adopt Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts much more easily and efficiently for their monthly Integrated Performance Reports.

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  • EasySPC
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Connecting multiple data sources and transforming the way their performance data is collected, presented, disseminated, and analysed, BCN harnessed Power BI to link the Trust’s data sources and create near real-time data visualisations for 250,000 outpatient appointments.

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  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Employing over 8,000 staff, Hampshire Hospitals provides acute care services to over 600,000 patients. Despite initial hesitations, the Trust were impressed with the granularity in which Public View enabled performance monitoring, benchmarking, and comparison of other Trusts, causing Hampshire to sign a 3-year contract for Public View.

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  • Healthcare
  • Public View
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Why work with BCN?

Building trust through exceptional managed services

Our people and partnerships, end-to-end capabilities and experience in the healthcare sector places BCN in a unique position where we are able to get to the heart of the challenges you face. Our growing team of professionals are on-hand to support your organisations digital transformation journey.

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    Working with NHS Trusts across the UK since 2008, we understand the challenges and the opportunities presented for the healthcare sector.

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    Our growing team of IT experts are leaders in the field and have the accreditations and exams to prove it.

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BCN are a trusted data management company

BCN work with a wide variety of organisations across sectors, with deep expertise across healthcare. Our expert team will deliver custom, scalable, and secure data and analytics solutions that help you keep up with your ambitions

  • Expertise

    We understand your working environments, so know the challenges and the opportunities presented

    Our team have in-depth knowledge and experience working within and delivering data and analytics solutions for the NHS and healthcare organisations.

  • Wider Solutions

    Meeting your healthcare data needs

    Our wider array of services and solutions for healthcare organisations, including Azure and Power BI makes us a one-stop-shop for all healthcare data needs. Find out more about BCN’s expertise within healthcare below.

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  • Refined Process

    Deliver solutions at speed

    Our data warehousing processes have been refined and optimised enabling our teams to deliver solutions at speed, so you can quickly deploy and unlock valuable insights. Get in touch and we’ll build out the roadmap of your data journey.

  • Security and Compliance

    Protect your data

    We prioritise security and compliance and will implement strict measures to protect your data against unauthorised access, breaches and other cyber threats. Our experience in the Public Sector means we understand your regulatory and compliance frameworks and will design solutions that work in accordance with your standards.


Data Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do BCN provide on-prem Data Warehousing Services?

    Yes, BCN can provide Data Warehousing Services for on-premises infrastructure. As a cloud-first company, BCN support and emphasise the adoption of cloud computing technologies as the primary means of delivering data warehousing services, but our expertise spans to on-premises infrastructure.

  • What's the difference between traditional and cloud data warehouse?

    With traditional or on-premises data warehouses the organisation has total control and total responsibility over the tech stack and data. Traditional data warehouses are expensive to scale and cannot efficiently manage fluctuating workloads and data volumes. They do not offer flexibility in handling raw, unstructured, or complex data and do not cater to the evolving data-analysis use cases.

    Cloud data warehouses offers on-demand scalability, cost efficiency, security and availability with faster deployment, better performance, analytics, and access to business intelligence. It addresses the challenges the challenges of scalability, elasticity, data variety, data latency, adaptability, data silos, and data science compatibility faced by in traditional data warehouses.

  • What is a cloud data warehouse migration?

    Migrating an on-premises data warehouse to the cloud can help organisations modernize their data warehouses with high speed, security, scalability, cost savings and performance. The two commonly used migration strategies are:

    The Lift and Shift Technique: Migration of the existing data setup unchanged to the cloud platform. This strategy works well for minimising risk and reducing the time associated with migrating.

    The Redesign Strategy: Re-architect the existing data setup with cloud native services to further scale and optimize for cloud architectures. This strategy will require holistic planning, time, and effort to rebuild the existing setup into a modern, adaptable, and future-proofed data platform.

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