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Public View for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Public View

Employing over 8,000 staff, Hampshire Hospitals provides acute care services to over 600,000 patients. Despite initial hesitations, the Trust were impressed with the granularity in which Public View enabled performance monitoring, benchmarking, and comparison of other Trusts, causing Hampshire to sign a 3-year contract for Public View.

  • Client

    • Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Organisation size

    • 8,600 staff provide acute hospital services to over 600,000 patients, across 3 sites.
  • Key Technologies

    • Public View
  • BCN Services Provided

    • Design and implementation of Public View


As a result of the integration of Basingstoke and the North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust in 2012, the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust (hereafter: Trust) was formed.

The Trust employs around 8,600 staff, providing acute hospital services to over 600,000 patients across Hampshire and parts of West Berkshire.

After agreeing to a 1-year contract with Public View, the Trust has recently renewed for a further 3 years.

Discover and Propose

The Trust first heard of Public View from Barnsley Hospital who were impressed with the capabilities and granularity of the dashboard service. After contacting BCN Group, we provided the Trust with a series of demos on Public View.

Whilst the Trust has some initial hesitations with Public View, they were impressed with the granularity in which Public View enabled performance monitoring, benchmarking, and comparison of other hospitals, causing the organic spreading of Public View to the Trust’s division directors.

Transform and Adapt

The Trust found that Public View data appears in business cases and deep-dive performance reports, making the software integral to the Trust’s processes and performance reports.

Public View provides the Trust with essential context, enabling easy performance comparisons in relation to other hospitals within the region. The Trust has found it to be invaluable to spreading best practices, by connecting teams to other hospitals within the Trust or connecting to different hospitals within the region, to understand how their processes are enabling efficient patient services delivery.

The Trust has found that Public View has helped correct public reporting and enabled a deeper understanding, due to the multitude of metrics, and the ability to check granular metrics without being overwhelmed.

Manage and Evolve

Our team of experts now engage with the Trust in quarterly meetings, giving updates on new features, and analytical highlights within benchmarking, ensuring that the Trust’s users are familiar with the tool’s features and are up to date on best practices.

The Trust found our services to be fantastic, and the ease of use of the software as a real convenience in comparison to existing reporting software. The only frustration the Trust found was that the NHS doesn’t provide a service like it!

BCN Group’s effective, quick, and informative responses, as well as the competence and affability of our service has led Hampshire Hospitals to sign on to a further 3 years with Public View.


A real strength is the ease of use; it is 10 times easier than anything else. On likelihood to recommend it’s a 10/10 – and I never say 10!

Alex Whitfield

Chief Executive – Hampshire Hospitals

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