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Introducing EasySPC Spotlight

See special cause across all your charts with EasySPC Spotlight

What is EasySPC Spotlight

The EasySPC Spotlight feature is BCN’s latest innovation, within our EasySPC software. By providing a single overview of performance across multiple indicators, it shines a ‘spotlight’ on any unexpected results, enabling users to quickly identify potential issues and take the appropriate action.

EasySPC Spotlight

How it works in practice  

East London Mental Health Foundation Trust is one organisation that’s finding EasySPC’s Spotlight feature to be invaluable. The trust has thousands of SPC charts, covering hundreds of process measurements across four clinical areas. Before they started using Spotlight, each chart had to be individually viewed and analysed to determine if any indicators suggested a performance issue that required attention. 

Spotlight has solved that problem, transforming a resource-intensive analysis function into an at-a-glance view of multiple metrics on a single page. EasySPC Spotlight has become a strategic enabler towards ongoing improvement at the trust, leading to enhanced care and support. 

EasySPC Spotlight

Features of Spotlight

EasySPC Spotlight has been designed to provide a simplified top-level view of all indicators to help users quickly spot anomalies and decide where to direct additional resources. 

Here are the key features:

  • Time-saving

    For organisations with masses of data or frequently updated measurements, Spotlight’s top-level summary supports effortless navigation through extensive data sets, reducing the need for manual scanning of multiple charts.

  • Risk reduction

    With all SPC charts in one, easy-to-see interface, organisations can identify and respond to issues more quickly. Spotlight significantly reduces the chances of live issues going unnoticed, removing the problem of top-level aggregation and allowing visibility of individual ward and team performance measurements. 

  • Enhanced process oversight

    See and access all relevant indicators for a single location for a full picture of individual process performance. Spotlight helps reduce the risk of individual process issues being masked by the overall performance of teams or the organisation.

  • Intuitive UI

    Display all indicators for a particular location on a single page, so users can instantly see the status of all the processes they are responsible for

  • Deeper insights

    Gain a deeper understanding of what’s behind emerging trends and issues. Spotlight allows for single-click drilldown to the full SPC chart for each indicator, helping users quickly identify and respond to the root cause of anomalies.

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    With an at-a-glance overview to instantly spot live issues and take action, EasySPC Spotlight can help transform your organisation.

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    What is EasySPC?


    EasySPC is BCN’s Microsoft Power BI custom visualisation tool, designed to help organisations optimise performance reporting processes and make better, faster, more insights-based decisions.

    Used by organisations worldwide, including by more than 30 NHS providers, it’s paving the way to a deeper understanding of performance over time, and supporting ongoing and data-driven process improvements. 

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