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Why 20+ NHS Trusts are Harnessing the Power of EasySPC for Healthcare

Posted 18th May 2023

Are you seeking an advanced statistical process control solution tailored specifically for the healthcare industry? We explore why EasySPC is the trusted choice of over 20 NHS Trusts that have embraced EasySPC to improve their processes and deliver better outcomes for patients.

Written by: Mark Day, BCN Head of Healthcare Sales
EasySPC for Healthcare: A Game-Changing Solution

In the dynamic and complex landscape of healthcare, implementing improvements in processes requires rigorous analytical tools. EasySPC rises to the challenge, offering Power BI-certified charts that empower decision-makers to monitor and visualise the impact of process changes with precision.

Join a Proven Network of NHS Trusts

EasySPC has already gained widespread recognition and adoption within the healthcare sector. Over 20 NHS Trusts have embraced EasySPC as their go-to statistical process control solution. These forward-thinking organisations have experienced the tangible benefits that EasySPC brings to their quality improvement initiatives.

Effortless Process Improvement with EasySPC

EasySPC enables healthcare professionals to identify inefficiencies, visualise variations, and make informed decisions at every level of their organisation. By adhering to NHS Improvement and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) SPC rules, EasySPC ensures compliance and accuracy in your data analysis.

Unlocking the Power of Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a proven methodology for driving process improvements. EasySPC empowers healthcare professionals by providing them with the necessary tools to measure and visualise the impact of process changes over time. With EasySPC, you can easily pinpoint areas that require attention and optimise your processes for enhanced patient care and operational efficiency. Read our blog on how to use SPC charts to improve healthcare.

Why NHS Trusts Choose EasySPC
  • Trusted by Peers: Join a growing network of over 20 NHS Trusts that have embraced EasySPC to improve their processes and deliver better outcomes for patients.
  • Streamlined Data Visualisation: EasySPC simplifies data visualisation, allowing you to generate thousands of charts daily. This abundance of information equips you with the insights needed to implement changes efficiently and reliably.
  • Cost and Time Efficiencies: By optimising processes and procedures, EasySPC helps NHS Trusts operate more efficiently, resulting in significant cost savings and improved resource allocation.
  • Proactive Problem Detection: Early detection of process performance issues is crucial in healthcare. EasySPC enables proactive problem detection, allowing you to address inefficiencies before they escalate.
  • Informed Decision-Making: With EasySPC, you gain a comprehensive overview of process performance in real-time. Whether you’re a board member, ward manager, or part of a team, EasySPC provides you with reliable data to support informed decision-making.