Business Continuity Services

Effective business continuity management solutions, enabling businesses to continue functioning during unforeseen disruptions.

What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is about ensuring your business’ mission-critical operations can continue to operate following a disaster situation.

A business continuity plan outlines a business’s procedure to continue operating when an unplanned disruption impacts its ability to provide services. Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity planning, which covers all possible affected parts of a business including, a plan for business processes, assets, human resources, and business partners.


Why do you need a business continuity plan?

Problems can occur for businesses when they least expect them. Whether that’s a technological problem, such as a cyber-attack or data breach, an issue with your business’s supply chain, or even a natural disaster.

Whatever the problem may be, without a business continuity plan in place, there is potential that the problem could seriously harm your business.

A cloud business continuity plan allows you to restore critical services quickly – this can be as fast as minutes or hours – and ensure that normal operations can resume.

BCN’s Business Continuity Services

BCN offers holistic business continuity services. Our industry-accredited team will engage in proactive risk assessments of your current IT environment, analysing potential threats or vulnerabilities and developing a personalised business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Leveraging our experience in providing industry-leading business continuity management services, BCN’s approach will include:


Dependable Planning Phase 

We will run drills, scenarios and train your staff on incident response.



Continuous Improvement 

We will test and review your plan to identify any vulnerabilities, where threats or attacks could happen.


Training and Awareness 

BCN will train your staff to understand the threats

What is included in business continuity planning?

At BCN we offer a Cloud-first approach to your Business Continuity plan, in particular our services include:

Cloud Backup

Backup your data with BCNs cloud backup solutions. Ensure your business-critical data is secure and recoverable following an outage.

Business Continuity Consulting

Our team will provide your business with an effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan, including assessments, planning, implementation, testing and management. Get in touch to find out more.

Business Continuity Plan Development

Our team will provide a personalised business continuity plan that meets your business’ wider cyber security strategy. We will review any plans you have in place and provide best practice on developing a robust business continuity plan.

Business Continuity Staff Training

Get your staff up to speed with BCN’s business continuity staff training. Ensure your employees can continue providing your services with our effective principles and practices training course.

Business Impact Analysis

BCN will provide a thorough analysis of the consequences that a disruption could have on your business’ ability to function. We will gather the information we need, and provide you with a robust recovery strategy.

Benefits of Business Continuity Planning



Protect your business and client data whilst also encouraging a culture of Business Continuity Planning among all aspects of your business. Build confidence around your customers and employees with an effective disaster recovery plan.


Mitigate Disruption 

Reduce unplanned downtime, business risk, and financial risk. Bounce back faster after disruption and unforeseen events, and rest assured you remain compliant with industry standards with effective business continuity planning and disaster recovery.


Speed and Operational Efficiency 

Give your business a competitive advantage with a strong Business Continuity Plan. Become more reactive and agile in the event of disruption, resuming your business operations faster.

Not protecting your business can lead to disaster

1 in 5

businesses suffer disruption every year


of businesses effected by an incident close within one month


of businesses who lose their data, close within two years


who experience a major computer outage, will shut within five

BCNs Approach to Business Continuity Planning

As a managed service provider, BCN’s disaster recovery services are set up according to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a definitive guide that enables our team to securely install products and services at the highest industry level.

For more information on our approach and business continuity services contact one of our consultants today.

Our Business Continuity Clients

Feedwater reduce administration burden and increase efficiency with new Customer Portal


IT Infrastructure upgrade for UK leading supplier of British tomatoes

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Digital transformation following acquisition trial for national drainage franchise

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Why Choose BCN?

It can be overwhelming to decide which technological direction your business should take whilst keeping your business strategy aligned. By choosing BCN Group you can rest assured that your business’ digital transformation is expertly designed and managed to fit your business’ specific strategy.

Our three-step approach is designed to make sure that our clients are delivered solutions that maximize outcomes. This is why we have a world-class customer retention rate and industry-leading net promoter score.

We can provide your business with a cyber security risk assessment enabling our team to identify any gaps in your operating systems and offer leading insights into the best available services for your business.

Get in touch today for more information on our cyber security and disaster recovery services.