Managed Cloud Services

Cloud management services designed to deliver digital transformation and meet your business needs.

What is Managed Cloud?

In recent years, most organisations have become extra dependent on their technology and IT services. As such, any downtime or heavy reliance on legacy applications can be detrimental to business performance.

Managed cloud has completely revolutionised our working relationship with technology. End-users are now more productive than ever before, collaborating across multiple applications and accessing data from any device, in any location. In turn, businesses have the power to develop tailored services, keep sensitive data secure, and improve efficiencies. The problem, however, is unlocking the true potential of the cloud with limited in-house expertise.

As a Managed Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we use our knowledge and expertise to bring about digital transformation and utilise some of the world’s leading cloud business solutions.

Managed Cloud Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managed cloud services. That’s why BCN Group provides a wide array of solutions, including:

Microsoft Azure

Managed and hosted by Microsoft, Azure is one of the world’s largest public cloud environments. It allows your business to host and run IT infrastructure, keep data secure, scale resources when required, and maintain cost efficiencies through a pay-as-you-use approach. As a Microsoft Direct CSP and Gold accredited partner, we have the expertise to deliver Azure to any organisation.

Private Cloud

The public cloud may not be viable for some businesses, especially if there’s sensitive operations or stringent regulatory requirements. That’s why private cloud environments exist. Private cloud permits access only to users that are approved and keep data extra secure. For instance, BCN Cloud is a private environment that affords businesses many benefits associated with the world’s leading cloud environments.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds by giving businesses the flexibility to run their entire IT infrastructure, services and applications across on-premises environments and in the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Specialist team will help you migrate to the cloud. So, whether you’re moving email exchanges, business-critical applications, or your entire infrastructure, talk to the BCN team, and we’ll make your cloud hosting solution a success.

Cloud Backup

Data loss can have severe implications, whether through accidental deletion or theft. In any case, cloud backup for business allows organisations to restore data and services quickly without impacting operations.

Microsoft 365

Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook are some of the world’s most popular business applications. Microsoft 365 brings these applications together, allowing end-users to access documents and collaborate with colleagues no matter the device or location. As a Direct CSP and Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise to integrate Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud Services into your business successfully.

Sage Cloud Accounting

If you’re moving away from another accountancy software, call upon the BCN team to integrate Sage cloud services into your organisation. As a Sage business partner, we can help your end-users access business-critical information from any location.

Cloud telephony and VOIP

Communication is the lifeblood of any business. Whether you’re talking to colleagues or customers, having confidence in your communication lines is crucial. Therefore, as a RingCentral Ignite Partner, we can help you integrate managed cloud-hosted solutions into your system. In turn, we will future-proof your communication channels, making it easier for your end-users to make and receive calls, host meetings, and run online events.

Public vs Private vs Hybrid: cloud hosting differences

Several cloud computing models, styles, and services have evolved to meet organisations’ rapidly changing technology needs.

As such, cloud computing typically falls into three categories:

Public Cloud

Public cloud is where a third-party owns the computing resources. For instance, Microsoft’s public cloud is called Azure, which they operate and maintain. It includes services such as networking, storage, and virtual machines. The ease of consumption and use make it a popular choice.

Private Cloud

Private cloud consists of computing hardware resources used exclusively by one business or organisation. The private cloud is physically located at a data centre owned by a third-party, or in some cases, in an organisation’s on-site data centre. Government agencies, financial institutions, and other medium-to-large organisations use private clouds to control their data.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud combines on-premise infrastructure (or private cloud) with public cloud. Hybrid cloud provides greater control over data, allowing information and applications to move between two environments. Many organisations choose a hybrid cloud approach if they have regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.

Why choose BCN for Cloud Services?

BCN Group are uniquely placed to support you with your cloud hosting.

We are Azure experts – a Direct Cloud Service Provider and Microsoft Gold Partner – and unlike most cloud providers we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service and support offering which includes cloud consultancy and road mapping, adoption, integration, management and bespoke software development.

Our professional services team provide advice and clarity around cloud adoption and continuous transformation.

Our migration experts meticulously plan and manage every aspect of your migration, ensuring a smooth, organised and seamless transition.

The experts for your business

At BCN Group we are passionate about the cloud and the benefits it brings to businesses of all sizes. Our dedicated team of cloud engineers work tirelessly to make sure our clients are making full use of their environment and reaping the benefits this brings.