Cyber security to protect your business, users and data

In a world of uncertainty, protecting all aspects of your business from cyber security attacks and natural disasters is crucial. Failure to do so could be catastrophic.

Protection, protection, protection

Protecting your business is more than just providing all devices with the latest cyber security measures. It’s about being able to proactively safeguard your infrastructure and being able to react quickly with business-critical data backup and recovery.

Businesses have never been at greater risk from threats, whether they be cyber security threats or natural disasters. With data and information at the core to any business, data loss from theft or an operational outage can be catastrophic. No-one can predict the future, but having the appropriate security measures in place can mean the difference between a business folding or surviving.

BCN Group provide you with the advice, guidance, and tools needed to protect your business. We monitor your environment 24/7, detect issues, and have solutions in place to reduce the impact of an attack or outage.

Protection solutions for your business

BCN Group help you to plan, think, and act strategically when it comes to your security. And if you are presented with a security issue or attack we will ensure that the impact has been minimised and you stay operational. We work with organisations from all industries and sectors to implement the right solutions for their business.

Cloud Backup

We have all deleted a folder or file by accident and worry whether we can recover it. Our secure cloud backup system will quickly restore any loss of data to the latest version.

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Disaster Recovery

What would be the impact to any operational outage to your business? Cloud disaster recovery solutions can get you get back up and running within minutes by restoring the critical services you need to operate. And being cloud-based, it can also mean that staff can continue to work wherever they are located.

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Endpoint Security

Cyber attackers are continually looking at ways and methods in which they can infiltrate networks. Unfortunately, your end-users and devices are often a key weak point for security. With better endpoint threat management tools, you can protect your users and their devices with enhanced protection. Through our training and education programmes we help end users make informed decisions on how to stay safe and secure.

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Network Security

Your infrastructure is the systems on which your business operates. It is of critical importance that it remains protected from any network security threats as an outage will bring your business to a halt. BCN Group provide proactive and resilient network security to protect your business operations. Our security experts will identify any gaps in your security through our network security assessment and provide solutions and recommendations on how to remain secure.

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Cyber Essentials

BCN Group help businesses to prepare and qualify for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations. Cyber Essentials is the government’s recommended basic technical controls for all businesses. Not only does these accreditations improve cyber security strategy they demonstrate a commitment to the protection of client data.

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Build defences, mitigate risk

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your business operations, applications, data and infrastructure are protected by robust security measures. Proactively keeping your network and end-users safe with enhanced security, and being able to restore services and data quickly, will mean that any impact is mitigated against and operations will be maintained.

We know the risks and how to counteract them

BCN Group have developed a comprehensive range of cyber security services that:

  • Enhance your network
  • Protect and quickly activate your disaster recovery strategy
  • Restore your business data and applications quickly following and outage (in fact you may never even know an outage has occured)
  • Identify gaps and areas of network vulnerability
  • Proactively monitor, detect, and respond