Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning

Protect your business infrastructure and operations in uncertain times

Cloud disaster recovery in uncertain times

Never have businesses had to operate in times of greater risk from cyber-attacks, human error and natural disasters. With your business operations being at potential risk on various fronts – from an unwanted visitors holding infrastructure to ransom, to flooding or fire destroying hardware, or a cease in working due to a human disaster – businesses need to protect themselves by having a robust disaster recovery (DR) plan in place should the worst happen, which will allow you to continue to remain operational.

With a cloud disaster recovery solution in place, your organisation can restore business critical data and applications to resume normal operations quickly and efficiently.

BCN Group will work with you to create a cloud disaster recovery strategy that is designed for your business, with appropriate restore point and recovery time objectives built in.

Backup and recovery solutions with you in mind

BCN Group’s disaster recovery services have been designed to get businesses back up and running as quickly as possible, with the least impact on operations.

Disaster recovery and contingency planning

We’ll work with you to assess your data backup and recovery needs and any current disaster recovery services you have in place. We will assess recovery time and restore point objectives. Our cloud expert team will work with you to formulate the most appropriate cloud DR solution.

Disaster Recovery Implementation

Working with your IT team we will Implement and configure your IT disaster recovery solution.


Daily monitoring of your disaster recovery implementation will take place to ensure the project runs successfully and on schedule. Our proactive support team will also work with you to execute your disaster recovery strategy, should the worst happen.

Plan for the worst. Mitigate your risk.

IT disaster recovery planning delivers business resiliency through the protection of data loss in the event of local incidents such as fire or theft.

Disaster recovery planning ensures data is kept securely within your infrastructure and adheres to the latest security standards. It also minimises interruption of critical processes and safeguards business operations.

Undertaking disaster recovery planning increases business continuity in the event of a disaster, allowing the infrastructure to be brought back online quickly, avoiding prolonged downtime and greatly minimising the financial impact for your business.

Every business should be protected

At BCN Group, we strongly recommend you have a robust disaster recovery plan in place. Our experts will work with you to develop a data backup and recovery plan that works for you and your unique requirements. We will proactively monitor and test your data backup service regularly to ensure that if disaster does strike your team are ready, prepared and resilient.